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Cheeky was co-founded by brothers Jack and Kevin Gindi, and fellow Boston University graduate Sam Goodman in 2018. As fellow victims of teeth grinding, Jack, Kevin and Sam decided it was time to create both a product and a model that appealed to everyone, and breached the affordability gap of overpriced dental care for night guards.

What makes Cheeky unique?

Cheeky is a custom fitted night guard company, and has built a model to help people all over the World, find affordable custom moulded night guards to combat grinding your teeth at night! The Cheeky Team are firm believers that quality mouth 
care isn't a luxury, NOT ANYMORE! As they say: "Amazing custom night guards can be affordable enough to be replaced when needed. That is why cheeky exists." A simple process of sending them your mould that's delivered to you, the Cheeky team uses 3D rendering technology to develop the perfect fit. They also offer the option to change your night guard should you wish in the future, facilitating both one time and subscription purchases for their Cheeky users.

With amazing results in reducing headaches, and helping the overall health of your teeth, Cheeky have proven to be a game changer for hundreds of thousands of users in North America.

Here at Igloo we are delighted to work as a marketing partner with the group of fine individuals at the Cheeky team.

To all our fellow founders and visitors, visit and get your custom night guard made and delivered!

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