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The Peluva® story begins with a pioneering vision to change the way the world walks, and a dream collaboration between Mark Sisson and his son, Kyle Sisson (pictured above.) Through their own deep research and applied knowledge, Mark and Kyle have identified the greatest design challenge facing the minimalist shoe movement and taken it head on. Over the last two and half years, they've charted a course for blue ocean by reimagining the concept of minimalist shoes, with the first-ever design to deliver all three crucial buying criteria: greater comfort, function and style.

Mark, a pioneer in the health and wellness industry is a former marathon runner and triathlete, who turned to a primal, low-carb lifestyle, and having founded Primal Kitchen (sold to Kraft Heinz) as his first venture into the industry. He is the author of several best-selling books on healthy living, including "The Primal Blueprint", and is a respected voice in the industry.

Mark's industry experience and commitment to healthy living is reflected in Peluva's products. They have a wonderful bestselling collection of items that are tailored both for active wear but also for casual lifestyle and day to day comfort. Based out of California, Peluva is gaining popularity, and we're honored to partner with a brand with the ethos and mind set that the Peluva team possesses.

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